Mohammed Korayem, Ph.D. 

Data Scientist, CareerBuilder.



Mohammed’s PhD research studied large scale textual and visual mining in social media under the supervision of Prof. David Crandall. His other research interests include:

  • Machine Learning
  • Computer Vision
  • Text Mining
  • Web Mining
  • Soft computing



Mining online social media

First-person and opportunistic imagery

  • Enhancing Lifelogging Privacy by Detecting Screens, in CHI 2016 (with D. Crandall, R. Templeman, D. Chen, A. Kapadia) (acceptance rate 23..4%) [pdf] [www] Honorable Mention Award!

  • PlaceAvoider: Steering First-Person Cameras away from Sensitive Spaces, in NDSS 2014 (with R. Templeman, D. Crandall and A. Kapadia) [pdf]  (acceptance rate 18.6%)

  • Objectavoider: Detecting Sensitive Objects in Imagery from Wearable Cameras (Poster), in NDSS 2014 (with D. Crandall and A. Kapadia)

Semantic search and recommendation systems

  • The Semantic Knowledge Graph: A compact, auto-generated model for real-time traversal and ranking of any relationship within a domain, in IEEE DSAA'16 2016, (with Trey Grainger, Khalifeh AlJadda, and Andries Smith) [pdf]

  • Entity Type Recognition using an Ensemble of Distributional Semantic Models to Enhance Query Understanding, in COMPSAC 2016: The 40th IEEE Computer Society International Conference on Computers, Software & Applications ( with Walid Shalaby, Khalifeh Aljadda, and Trey Grainger) (acceptance rate 20%[pdf]

  • Application of Statistical Relational Learning to Hybrid Recommendation Systems, in STARAI 2016 ( with Shuo Yang, Khalifeh Aljadda, ,Trey Grainger, and Sriraam Natarajan )  [pdf]

  • Query Sense Disambiguation Leveraging Large Scale User Behavioral Data,in IEEE BigData2015 (with  Khalifeh Aljadda, Camilo Ortiz,  and Trey Grainger) [pdf]

  • PGMHD: A Scalable Probabilistic Graphical Model for Massive Hierarchical Data Problems,  in IEEE BigData2014 (with Khalifeh Aljadda, Camilo Ortiz, Trey Grainger, John Miller, and William York) [pdf]

  • Crowdsourced Query Augmentation through Semantic Discovery of Domain-specific Jargon," in IEEE BigData 2014 (with Khalifeh Aljadda, Mohammed Korayem, Trey Grainger, and Chris Russell) [pdf]

  • Augmenting Recommendation Systems Using a Model of Semantically-related Terms Extracted from User Behavior,in ACM RecSys2014 CrowdRec workshop, (with Khalifeh Aljadda, Mohammed Korayem, Camilo Ortiz, Chris Russell, David Bernal, Lamar Payson, Scott Brown and Trey Grainger) [pdf]

Opinion Mining

  • Sentiment/Subjectivity Analysis Survey for Languages other than English, in Social Network Analysis and Mining journal, (Springer)(With Khalifeh Aljadda, and David Crandall )[pdf

  • Subjectivity and Sentiment Analysis of Arabic: A Survey, in Advanced Machine Learning Technologies and Applications, Communications in Computer and Information Science series 322, (Springer), AMLTA 2012 . (with David Crandall , and Abdul-Mageed, M) [pdf

  • Subjectivity and Sentiment Analysis of Modern Standard Arabic, in proceedings of the 49th Annual Meeting on Association for Computational Linguistics, ACL2011 (acceptance rate 25%). (with Abdul-Mageed, M. and Diab, M. ) (short paper) [pdf

  • "Yes we can?": Subjectivity Annotation and Tagging for the Health Domain.The International Conference on Recent Advances in Natural Language Process, RANLP2011.  (with Abdul-Mageed, M. and YoussefAgha, A.) [pdf]

  • Linguistic Features, Language Variety, and Sentiment in Arabic Comments on Aljazeera and Alarabiya YouTube Videos. Georgetown University Round Table on Languages and Linguistics, GURT2011. Language and New Media: Discourse 2.0 (with Abdul-Mageed, M. and AlAhmed, A) (presentation)


Genetic algorithms and artificial immune system


  • An Immunological Approach to Machine Learning, Master's Thesis, Cairo University, Egypt, 2006

  • Social and egocentric image classification for scientific and privacy applications, Ph.D. Thesis, Indiana University, 2015 [pdf]

Citations of my work as compiled by Google Scholar:

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Media Coverage

Media covered our paper "Mining Photo-sharing Websites to Study Ecological Phenomena" in:

Media covered our paper "PlaceAvoider: Steering First-Person Cameras away from Sensitive Spaces," in:

Media covered our paper "ScreenAvoider: Protecting Computer Screens from Ubiquitous Cameras," in:

Patents / Patent Applications

  • Apu Kapadia, Robert Templeman, David Crandall, and Mohammed Korayem. A Method and System of Enforcing Privacy Policies for Mobile Sensory Devices, Application No: PCT/US2014/059851, Filed by Indiana University
  • Mohammed Korayem, Khalifeh Aljaddaand, and Trey Grainger. Methods For Optimizing Recommendation response rate, U.S. Provisional Patent Application No.: 62/411,427. Filed by CareerBuilder

Professional Activities


  • ACM CHI 2016 Honorable Mention Award for "Enhancing Lifelogging Privacy by Detecting Screens" paper, top 4% submission.    
  • Best paper award, The First IEEE International Workshop on Computer Vision for Converging Perspective, held with ICCV 2013
  • SOIC Ph.D. student travel award to attend WSDM2012
  • SOIC Ph.D. student travel award to attend AMLTA2012
  • AAAI student travel award to attend ICWSM2013
  • Best graduation project, Cairo University (Faculty of Computers and Information) 2002
  • Oracle Egypt award for top students in Faculty of Computers and Information, Cairo university, 2002
  • Microsoft Egypt award for top students in Faculty of Computers and Information, Cairo university, 2002